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I'm Board! Let's Play a Game!


Because of changing times, technology has advanced in many ways but not in human relations.  The days of sitting with the children and laying out the pieces to play a good, solid game of Monopoly seem to be behind us, right?  That does not necessarily mean that the board game itself has become extinct.  On the contrary!   The creation of the board game was to both entertain as well as bond family and friends, and through all of today's technological advances don't you think it's about time to play a solid game of Trivial Pursuit...and discovering there might be some monetary value in those games besides?

Symbols from America's favorite board game, like the "Get Out of Jail Free" card and landing on "Park Place" and "Boardwalk" have become an undeniable part of our culture.  Of course, the earliest commercial board games played by children actually date back to the Victorian era and were made of woods such as pine and hand painted.  The beautifully designed boxes are avidly sought today and often garner more attention than the games inside. 

Collectors and antique dealers have for years garnished such treasures.  Many of the older hand crafted games have recently sold for as much as $1,800.00 and an even later board game, such as the 1940 Axis and Allies Europe sold for $250.00.  Another hit of the board game list is Clue.  There are numerous reproductions that may not be worth great value right now, but in 5 years The Simpsons-Clue game you bought for $30.00 may be worth hundreds to a "Simpsons" collector as rumors abound that the long running cartoon may be on its last leg.

The McLoughlin name is just one name to ensure a high level of value. In fact, a McLoughlin game dating back to the late 1800s may run into the thousands if it is able to find the right buyer. Don't be surprised to see a Bulls and Bears game selling for more than $10,000.00.

Since antique games are rarely seen, some of the most popular board games are more modern which means keeping them in top shape a necessity. This is especially true for those produced between 1942 and 1999 featuring licensed characters from comic strips, movies, television, and old radio shows.  Little Orphan Annie and Dick Tracy found their way into games, as did many comic book superheroes such as Superman and Batman.  Most games in perfect condition from the '40s and '50s sell for several hundred dollars each in today's market.

Since most families tend to hold on to board games that collect dust in the attic, you might even have a rare example hiding atop your bookshelf. Maybe it's time to rummage around and see what types of playful pastimes wait to be rediscovered.  Get the children!  or grandchildren!  Put away Facebook and do some real old fashion social networking.  Search your attics and make a treasure hunt out of it; you may never know if that Trivial Pursuit- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Special Edition you were playing may be your golden ticket.

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