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Griswold Cast Iron and YOU!
Jeffrey Pearson ISA-AM


From 1865 until the late 1950s, the Griswold Manufacturing Company of Erie, Pa. made various cast iron implements for home use. Their selection of cookware included skillets, muffin pans, roasters, bread molds, waffle irons, kettles, Dutch ovens and even miniatures. These pieces stood the test of time and are the items most often found by collectors today. Since they were usually made with black iron, collectors easily recognize them today. The distinctive mark on the back of each piece frequently confirms a Griswold find, but the company actually used a number of different signatures during the life of the company. In fact, Griswold is the most collectible cast iron in today's market.

Collectors look for the words "Erie," "Erie PA" or "Erie PA USA" under the logo to confirm that their treasures were indeed made in Pennsylvania Ardent collectors don't favor the "newer" ware  as much as the older pieces made in the late
1800's. Skillets, for example, collectors have  #12 and #14 on the backs and are readily available in the market, but the #13 is more difficult to find and many are looking for the cherished #13 to complete a Griswold skillet collection.  Probably the most in demand is the Dutch oven ranging in value from $50.00 on up to over $200.00.  The larger the piece, the greater the
value.  Start your kitchen hunt now and see if you have a Griswold hiding somewhere.

Now, let's try something a little different! Normally I write an article about items
and situations I come across everyday as an appraiser; now it's your time to
shine.  I would like to know what questions you have about your own personal property or items that have tantalized you.

It will be an article about what YOU want to know as opposed to what I have
decided should be the focus for the month.  Are there family heirlooms lingering in your home that you keep asking  yourself: "What is this thing?" 
For example, last week I had an email from a young man asking me about a framed Disney cartoon of Mickey Mouse signed by the artist that was illegible.   I did my research and came up with answers that did not support the value and or what the item was.  China copies everything and anything that might sell and Mickey was not left out nor was the "look-alike" framed cartoon characters that looked a great deal like the originals.  The only difference: size!

I enjoy the hunt. I consider my profession to be a down tempo version of an Indiana Jones. I am an adventurer in search of treasures and once in a while I do come across one.  Just  maybe there might be one in your home. Email
me at; or write  Ask the Appraiser c/o
Jeffrey Pearson; 5525 North 12th Street; Phoenix, Arizona 85014. 

Withyour help the next article could be electrifying and more entertaining especially for you. We are all treasure hunters! Like you, I love a good challenge and will do my best to find "the answer". 

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