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Jeffrey Pearson, ISA-AM


I don't know where you kind folk find these items you have, but they sure do
have me spending a great deal of time researching to find you the answer. It is
challenging trying to keep up with all the interesting conquests you are sending to me. I have officially gone through three keyboards due to wear and tear!Sculptures, unused tickets from sporting events; pottery, twodimensional wall hangings, and Korean sculptures are just a few of the treasures I have been working on. Please keep the letters and challenges coming...

Q. I have a signed Loredano Rosin Sculpture "Seated Girl" in mint condition. Any idea of today's value?
-Howard- in Sun City

A. The sculpture you speak of had quite a few remakes. Although signed and in
very good condition, your sculpture will only bring $200-$300 in a fair market
value. The value may increase if you have the signature authenticated to make
sure it is not a replication or forgery. I would suggest contacting Brian Kathenes, National Appraisal Consultants, P.O. Box 482, Hope, NJ 07844-0482 to assist you with this. Brian is a CAPP (Certified Appraiser of Personal Property) member of the International Society of Appraisers.

Q. I have an envelope sent from the USNA in Annapolis, Maryland with postmark date 1920. Inside the envelope was a letter inviting a friend to the 1920 Army-Navy football game at the Polo Grounds with one unused ticket. I've had this ticket for probably 35 years and often wondered if it has any value?  -Jerry-

A. Navy took the win in 1920 over the Army 7-0; however, I do not think this
inflates or deflates the fair market value of your item. Vintage newspapers and
programs for the Army vs. Navy games, depending on condition are ranging from $20-$500; however, unless you find someone who is interested specifically inthis type of collector piece for its connection with the USNA or the sport
affiliation, unused tickets and ticket stubs range from $1-$100. One option for
you is you may wish to contact the USNA, 121 Blake Road, Annapolis, MD 21402 to see if they may have an interest in your possession. Most of the time we see anitem like this to be far more valuable personally with the story and about how
you came acquired it.

Q. Going through my grandfather's storage shed I came across an old Beatles Halloween costume with the name Ben Cooper on it anda copyright 1965. I was wondering if these old plastic costumes in the box haveany value today? -Keith-

A. My favorite holiday of all of them! Speaking for myself as I'm a collector of older Halloween paraphernalia, I'm extremely finicky as to which items I will add to my arsenal of décor. The boxed costumes of the 1950's to the mid 1980's are in really high demand determining who the it is and what's the condition. I recently purchased a Batman costume on eBay for $25.00 in excellent condition. Depending on which of the Fab Four you have, your Beatles costume could be valued at $100-$400; John Lennon being the most valuable.

There many reasons I love writing this article: the questions, research, analyzing, more research and a conclusive answer. It might not be the answer you desired, but I try to be as honest and thorough as I possibly can. It's time to turn the page and wait until the next issue so you can see what treasures I have in store for you.

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