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Homer Prints, Booth China, and Bobbsey Twins
Jeffrey Pearson ISA-AM


With lack of space to write and now less articles per year, I'm going to focus on the importance of responding to yourletters. THANK YOU! I answer questions as fast as I can so I do hope patience is a virtue with us all.

Q. I have in my possession three Winslow Homer framed prints that my parents purchased on their honeymoon, and I was wondering if you could maybe give me any information on them? Thank you! -Judy in SunCity-

A. I'm one that doesn't like to be bearer of bad, news, but my duty is to give you "just the facts mam". Winslow Homer was awell- respected and sought after artist of his time. The art market has taken a turn for worse in this day and age. Ten years ago your Winslow Homer prints would range $100.00-$450.00; however, today's market has diminished to an alarming degree and IF LUCKY, your prints will bring anywhere from $25.00-$75.00 each. Times they are a changing.

Q. My family and I arrived 62 years ago at Ellis Island with a few pieces of Booth china. Every visit to Northern Ireland she brought more pieces back. I now have 87 pieces of "Real Old Willow" #A8025 with golden edge. I am 92 and no family wants the china. I would appreciate your appraisal or any information of names of possible buyers. -Rev. Burrows-

A. Your Booth china, which was bought out by Royal Doulton is one of the more beautiful sets out there. The gold trim is a wonderful accent to the eye, but not o people today who wish to use it in the microwave, making it not so worthy for younger generations. Today's market is all about multi use and space conservation. A set like this today on the fair market still could bring $300.00-$600.00 on a good auction day. Anyone who buys Booth is either a collector or wanting to resell, which means buy low and sell high. I recommend contacting Brunk's Auction in Sun City (623) 933-7748. For the items in question this is your greatest ally.

Q. Please be so kind as to help me. I have two books; The Bobbsey Twins at Snow Lodge copyright 1913 and the other is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll copyright 1897. Are they valuable and do you know anyone interested in purchasing them? -Harriett-

A. One of the greatest novels of my youth was the creepy beauty of Alice and her trials will forever be with me. I value this book as priceless when it comes to my love of story and a good read; it seems not so many people under the age o 40 can relate in the new millennium. Personally I think computers and technology have destroyed the purity of books as well as their value. First prints and limited editions are what collectors are looking for as well as CONDITION. How well preserved the books are will determine the overall value. Alice can bring you $20.00-$200.00 in today's market; maybe more if all the stars align and the Bobbsey Twins at Snow Lodge unfortunately can be $3.00-$40.00.

Value can be looked at primarily in two ways: personal and monetary. Make sure when you do seek and discover all the beautiful relics from the past that they be cherished for the next generations for eventually there will be a time when your grandchild's children will come up to them and ask:"What is this?", and they will reply, "Why that is a book, honey".

Treasure everything for everything is a treasure.

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