A-Z Appraisal & Estate Consultants specialize in several types of appraisals, including the following:

  • Insurance appraisals provide necessary documentation to substantiate the existence, condition, and replacement value of your belongings. It is wise to have an update done every five years or ahead of any pending household move.
  • Estate appraisals are necessary for taxable estates. This appraisal includes an efficient catalog of property that meets IRS requirements, but without the level of detail normally provided for an insurance appraisal.
  • Donation appraisals are suggested by the IRS to substantiate a tax deduction above $1000. Donation appraisals are REQUIRED for anything above $5000 that has been given to a charitable institution. A-Z Appraisal’s advice: When in doubt, appraise.
  • Pre-move appraisals provide an inventory of your high value items to substantiate both their value and existence. Due to the limited level of protection provided by moving companies to account for damage or loss, these appraisals will help you to purchase additional insurance and recover any damages incurred during the move.
  • Equitable distribution appraisals help settle divorces or estates for fair distribution of property based on fair market value.
  • Trust or will inventory appraisals will be attached to the trust or will, and a copy will be given to the trust attorney. They will now have knowledge of your property, and with your comments on the report, they will know who is to inherit which items.

For additional information about what is involved for each of these appraisals, please check out our Services page.